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First Aid Kits for Sporting Injuries

Posted on December 14, 2023 by Darrick Pullara

Whether played by children or adults, sports present a distinctive chance of injury. Be equipped for common bumps and bruises--or immediate treatment of a significant injury--of any sport with a well stocked and easy to get at sports medical kit.

Like any medical kit, always include disposable gloves, flexible bandages of varied sizes, gauze pads, medical tape, antiseptic ointment, scissors and tweezers. But also for a sports medical kit, be sure to include soft gauze bandages, a two-inch wide bandage for serious cuts, instant cold pack, and painkillers.

Understand that this kit will undoubtedly be used abroad and water may not be available. Look for wipes and painkillers that not want water. For instance, stores now carry painkillers that dissolve without water.

Sport medical kits can either be assembled from supplies at drug or purchased online. However, prepackaged medical kits might not contain all of the essentials for the activity it'll be used. Swimming injuries could be not the same as rugby injuries. Think about including joint braces, sunblock, lip balm with sun block, insect repellent, Aloe Vera lotion for sunburn, a misting bottle for hot days, or perhaps a sports drink for dehydration. If the activity is high contact, packing several ice packs within an insulated container.

Also keep a listing of the kit's contents to make sure that it will always be well stocked using its essentials. Bring a cellular phone, too, in the event an ambulance should be called.

In sports, your body requires a beating therefore might the initial aid kit. Store the sports medical supplies in a durable, watertight, and portable container. Insulated lunch boxes, Tupperware containers, or plastic tackle boxes all make perfect sports medical kit containers to ensure it could be useful for any injury, rain or shine.